Unbranded Top & Short, Ray-Ban Glasses, Custom Ring

What you usually do when you get bored?? Lately i am so easy to get bored, just because i dont have anything to do. FYI, i am not the person who can stand with routines. When i have a hobby and in some cases it turn into my routines i will easily change and hate that. Its so hard for me to stick on one activity and do it almost all the time.

I am used to be the person who really fall in love to literature. I love reading and for impact i also love writing. I have some rough drafts for short story and books. But my temporary disorder make me so lazy to continue it.

Then what will I do when I get bored?

I'll go daydreaming!!!


Plug and Play

Finally!! Yayy!! I am finally blogging!!
Actually this is not my first time on blogging but this is my first fashion blog, where i can post photos, outfit, or maybe just silly things i usually did accidentally. LOL!!
I have several blog before, but they only last for maybe 6 months. So hope this one will track a new record #fingercrossed. I am not so expert on layout and code things, so hope my skill on that subject will improve soon. Or maybe someone who experienced want to help me?  :)

Lately, I fall in to so many accessories. And I got this statement rings from SVS, they got a lot of beautiful things with affordable price.

And this wedges is one of UP product named Anjani. I love it names, its so Indonesia which also represent by batik laces. :) Salute for Diana Rikasari who brings comfort and joyful heels to town. Since I get used to replace my converse sneakers with some heels, this shoes is helpful! :)

For everyone who drop by here. Hope you enjoy my post because i enjoy myself. Ciao!!