New Year Holiday

Remember last new year holiday, folks? I know its too late to share my holiday, but lets say it just happened, okay? I've been busy few past months ago. Yeah, you know all about graduation ceremony things. The happiest part is finally I graduate from my lovely colleges, a little bit late, but i think thats fair enough because most of my friends were graduated on same year as me. I will share it here on my next post, soon after my graduation photos are done. I've saw the photo result collections and hardly can't wait the retouch result.

Back to my last holiday, I spent my holiday in Hong Kong, China, and Macau. The first and the third were  more interesting than the second one. You know, even though I'm Chinese but I was not enjoying my trip in China. Maybe thats because I was not have a time to visit the big city and I feel that China is a little old school compared to Hong Kong and Macau. Maybe next time.

I've took so many pictures to share. No, not mine but most of them were about the atmosphere and food that I enjoyed. But of course I will share a small part of my family and my outfit. But only very small part. Oh yes, because there are a lot of photos I will post it on two parts and sort it from the first day I've arrived there. So enjoy!!

Colorbox tees, Body & Soul Cardie, Unbranded Short & Tight, Parachute Shoes

I've got some problems while I try uploading pictures on this post. They came out broken and on some pictures the colour is not right. I've got no idea how to solve it. Perhaps some help?



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